Job Opening


Job Description for the Building 116 Rehabilitation Project

The Fort Apache Heritage Foundation of the White Mountain Apache Tribe (Foundation) is filling an AT WILL Position to serve as Construction Manager as Adviser (CMa). The selected CMa will operate as an independent third party acting as the Foundation’s agent during the planning, design, and construction phases for the rehabilitation of Building #116 (former Boys’ Dormitory, and may also be referenced as “Boys’ Dorm” herein), located within the Fort Apache and TR School National Historic Landmark (Project). 

The Construction Manager as Adviser (CMa) position (Position) shall serve as the Foundation’s and its Foundation’s lead representative and Project manager for all tasks related to the administration, implementation, monitoring, and successful completion of the Fort Apache – Boys’ Dormitory Rehabilitation Project (Project). Position-related tasks are noted below, but will also likely include other work tasks as needed and assigned.

The Position shall serve under the Foundation’s Site Development Committee (SDC), and will be responsible for being an integral part of the Project’s Construction Phase Team (Team).

Once selected, the CMa shall enter an Agreement between the CMa and the Foundation for immediate inclusion on the Team. The Project Team presently consists of SWABACK Architects + Planners as the Prime Consultant (Consultant) and the Foundation’s Site Development Committee, but will also include the CMa and the construction Contractor’s firm (Contractor) once the CMa and the Contractor are selected. In addition to the Project Team, the CMa may also be assigned to communicate and coordinate with representatives of Project funding agencies, principally the U.S. Economic Development Administration and Arizona State Parks (Grantors).

This is an At Will position, and is not a permanent, 40-hour per week position. It is expected that the candidate that fills this Position may and will concurrently be working on other construction administration projects within the region for other employers or as an independent contractor. Thus, the Position shall be compensated for certified billable hours. Billable hours shall be coordinated and aligned in concurrence, and in advance, with the Fort Apache Heritage Foundation’s CEO prior to working said hours, recognizing that on occasion, hours worked may need to exceed the number of hours the person filling this Position and the CEO have agreed to.

The Position shall last from inception of the Project’s pre-construction phase through the Projects construction completion. It is estimated that the Project’s pre-construction phase, thus, this Position, may begin in early February 2023. The Project’s construction phase is estimated to be completed by December 2024. In the event the Project’s construction phase goes beyond this estimated end date, the Position’s timeframe will be adjusted accordingly.

Target compensation rate $65.00–75.00 per hour, depending on experience.

Estimated Start Date: February 13, 2023

Estimated Number of Hours per Week: 8 – 16, depending on Project work levels and flows

Benefits: Not applicable